Day tests: 3.55:1 AVCHD vs 2.66:1 MJPEG [GH2]

So after my night tests of course comes the day versions.

I shot this while going for a ferry ride across Hong Kong’s iconic Victoria Harbour.

I also just applied the newly released PTools 3.62, using Kae’s 65mbit + 3GOP patch and the usual 1920×720 MJPEG hack.

The AVCHD footage looks great! Great detail and vibrant colours. MJPEG footage still for some reason looks very ‘blocky’ or grainy – even in daylight! The depth is not as good as AVCHD and the colours look rather faded too. Not to mention the 30p looks fugly. The 30mm lens seems to have a dreamy effect to it. It’s not as sharp as my 35mm though.

Well, these are the last of my tests. Hope the day & night versions help you quantify the benefits & disadvantages of both recording modes. Here’s to wishing one day someone will have a AVCHD-like quality MJPEG 4:3 hack!

I have a 3-second countdown for both videos.. Both videos have the same sequence so you can try to synchronize both so you can view them both side-by-side for comparison.



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